Flitner Ranch
Flitner Ranch

Arthur Flitner founded the historic Flitner ranch in 1906 at the base of Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains. This is diverse country, from the hot dry badlands at 4,500 feet where salt sage, cactus and prehistoric dinosaur tracks make up the landscape to the high lush alpine meadows at 10,000 feet. Known for hot summers, harsh winters, rough and rocky terrain it is long distances between pastures, "not a particularlly user-friendly enviroment for livestock or cowboys."

Today the Flitner Ranch is ran by Arthurs great grandson Greg his wife Pam and their children Morgan, Colten, Jordan and Scotlyn. During the history of the ranch many things have changed but good horses and cattle have always been the cornerstone of the operation. Today the livestock still follow the same trails to the mountain that the family has used for 100 years. This has been called one of the toughest places to ranch in the country; even today cellphones and 4-wheelers are of little use.

Flitner horses are bred to handle this big rugged country. We ride everything we raise! Our stallions are used here on the ranch and when work allows; for ranch rodeos and ranch horse competitions.The mares will typically stand 15 hands and weigh between 1150 -1300 pounds, all on good feet and bone. From our broodmares to our stallions every horse earns the right to stay on the place. We select for common sense, athletic ability, disposition and conformation.If a horse isn't willing, handy and sharp, it won't wear the ranch brand.

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