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Thanks to the Consignors, they had some GREAT Horses in this year’s sale.

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“Seely” is an all around fun mare with a laid back disposition. She’s seen a lot of miles in all weather conditions and worked steep mountain country at cow camp. I’ve used her for branding, doctoring, sorting and flagging colts. Accompanied with a nice long trot, she is easy to...More
Popcorn is a gentleman in every way. He has a laid back personality that he brings to work every day which makes him a pleasure to saddle. Whatever task he has to do he carries himself with class. He has seen the miles and is dependable. My daughter has shown...More
Steele is a 6 year old grade gelding that has been my go to mount for the last year. His willing to please attitude makes him a joy to ride no mater what you’re doing. Steele has been used for all aspects of ranch work including head and heel branding...More
If there is one word to describe this gelding it is HANDY. He's always in the right place at the right time, making our job that much easier. Johnny Chimpo is what we call him here at home, and he definitely fits that name with his neat personality. On the...More
“Bugs” is absolutely one of the nicest horses we’ve ever rode or offered. She has a resume that a lot of cowboys would only dream of and it is HARD to find one this seasoned and reliable at Bugs’ age. Bug’s strongest point is that she is extremely talented on...More
"Choo Choo" is a beautiful 5 year old registered grey gelding. Joslyns Famous Ledoc is gentle for any one. He has been rode extensively on the ranch. We have roped calves, doctored and cut horses on him. he has been rode in the mountains over rocks, through rivers and through...More
Ranch Horse, Reined Cow Horse, Gentle Gelding, AQHA
If you’re looking for a little horse that’s talented, handy, and honest, take a look at Little Foot! He has been my go-to mount for the past year and there isn’t much he hasn’t done. He was started as a Reined Cow Horse when he was younger and still handles...More
Don’t let her name fool you, she is a sweetheart. Demon has brains, class, talent, stunning eye appeal, and to top it she has a kind natured agreeable disposition. This mare is a DOLL. From the branding to the sorting pen to taking off her blanket on brisk winter day,...More
"Froggy" is a 2011 model grade gelding. He is a beautiful bay roan with a lovable personality. He has been there, done that with all aspects of ranch work and has had some experience hunting in the mountains. Froggy is trustworthy with small children and inexperienced riders, but can still...More
Willy is a really fun horse to ride and is extremely handy. He is a very friendly horse that will greet you at the gate ready for a days work or a leisurely trail ride. With his short stout stature he is great for the more vertically challenged rider. Willy...More
I have owned Buck since he was a 2-year-old. I have used him to brand on and have roped outside cattle on him. He has been used to gather cattle on outside and paired up cows and calves. Buck is no stranger to riding in rough country, he has been...More
Hza Playboy Boon known affectionately as Boon is a puppy in a horse body! Boon has a big personality with a gentle soul and willingness to please. He loves affection and people. Boon is easy to catch, load, tie, lead, saddle, bridle and LOVE! Boon has a beautiful collected lope,...More
Marlin is a very unique colored gray gelding that is sure to catch your eye. Marlin is gentle and broke to ride in and out of the arena. He has been used for every phase of ranch work . He has also been used to trail ridden and takes everything...More
Clod is an outstanding four year old gelding that ended up being my “go to” horse during his three and four year old year. He has the the size to go get any job done, and the mind to keep you out of trouble. He’ll put you in a great...More
“Packer” is the type of gelding the West was won on! Standing 16h, weighing 1300 lbs, and wearing a size one shoe all the way around, this six year old gelding is strong, sturdy, and has a presence. Out of a daughter of Valentine Red Rogers, who is by Gooseberry,...More
This is a absolutely solid ranch horse that has done it all. He has roped wild cattle branded lots of calves and been in plenty of ranch rodeos. I have started him heading and heeling in the arena as well. He is extremely cowy and loves his job. He is...More
Finn is a 4yr old, 14.3 hand, grade, bay gelding. He has the kindest disposition, likes people, and tries hard to please. He is a really free, easy-moving horse that is very comfortable to ride all day. We have used Finn to get the job done both ranching and outfitting....More
Joe Knox
Joe Knox is a stout Gypsy Vanner Cross that stands 15 hands and weighs 1100 pounds. For a 6 year old he has been there done that! Knox has been used on ALL aspects of the ranch. He is a smooth mover and can dang sure travel out. He knows...More
Let me introduce you to one cool guy. His name is "HANK". I've owned Hank for the past 2 years and I couldn't be more proud of the horse he has become. He's truly an all around kind of gelding. He's very smart, gentle, and willing to do anything I...More
“Hallie” is a one-of-a-kind finished ranch horse! She has been my go-to horse for anything that needs done on and off the ranch. This mare has traveled hundreds of miles hunting and being packed in the rough back country of the Absaroka Wilderness and has never gotten me in a...More
cow horse, ranch horse, rope horse, barrel horse, trail horse
Raised and ridden in big, rough country so she knows how to handle her feet and pick a living outside. Travels out nice with a ground covering walk. Bred to have some speed and shows a lot of cow. Tagged and doctored calves, flagged and started colts, gentle natured and...More
Ranch horse
"Herman" is a 5 year old AQHA gelding who has been ranched on a lot. He has drug calves to the fire, roped cattle in the pasture, and will really watch a cow. He has also packed elk in the mountains. He's one of the friendlier horses you'll ever meet...More
Duke is a 13 yr old gelding that is 1/4 draft and 3/4 Quarter Horse. Duke has spent his entire life on the ranch doing every job you can imagine from doctoring on the pasture, chasing cows and horses, pulling bulls, and dragging calves in the branding pen. He is...More
Jet is a stout made bay gelding that is Broke to ride. He is a finished head horse. He has been hauled from the 8s to the 11s. Jet is also good to ride outside where he is safe and solid down the trail and in the rough country. He...More
Bill will stand right at 15 hands and weigh 1320 pounds. Bill is eager to please and is as confident as the person is on his back. We’ve used him all over the ranch and feed yard. Doctored sickly cattle on wheat pasture. Drug many calves to the fire. Rides...More
Big Booty Judy is a 5 year old mare; 1/4 shire/quarterhorse. This horse is absolutely the real deal, and one of my favorite horses ever. She is gentle as they come and one of the sweetest I've been around. My kids have been riding her sine she was 3 years...More
Cowboy is a 9 year old, 15.1hh, black and white paint gelding that will add some color to your string. Much like the name implies, this big guy is ready to come work for you. Anyone can get along with Cowboy, unless you are of the bovine species then he...More
If you’re looking for a horse of a different color here he is! Deets is a 2019 champagne gold AQHA gelding that is flashy as he is kind. He stands at 14.2hh and is THICK made with plenty of bone. He has been used for every aspect of ranch work...More
ranch horse
Peach is a 14.2 hand coming 6-year-old. She has 50 rides right now but is coming along nicely. I have trailed cows, worked alleys, and wrangled horses on her. I have started roping on her some, doctoring calves. She is showing great potential for a breakaway/heel horse and is already...More
Home raised gelding that has been to town to ranch rodeos as well as used extensively on the ranch. Branded on in both rope and drag setups as well as head and heel. Roped and doctored on outside as well as tagged calves in the spring. Doctor either by yourself...More
Shoulder Shot Saddled
All around mare - if you want safe, gentle and quiet - look no further. Snowbound Frost also known as Salty has been my main mount for the last 4 solid years. She has numerous ranch rodeo final wins under her belt, not to mention multiple local ranch rodeos and...More
Susan is a nine-year-old red roan mare that is the real deal and then some. She is built to last with ideal conformation and she is flashy with the papers to match. She’s the same horse every day and wakes up ready to work for whoever you decide to put...More
Ranch horse
Snowman is a 14.2 hand gray 12 yr old grade gelding. He is gentle for anyone but a cowboy can get a job done on him too. We have put many guests of all levels on him and you never have to worry as he takes care of even the...More
Cadillac is a big gentle flashy gelding that will get noticed everywhere you go! I have owned him since he was a yearling and he has only gotten better with age. This is the kind of horse that if you want to go for a trail ride on the mountain,...More
Flashy and stout as they come! Iron is a 12 year old, 15.2 HH, blue roan, grade gelding who’s ready to be your new favorite mount. If you want a horse to make your neighbors jealous, he’s your man! Iron has been used in all aspects of ranch life. He’s...More
Sun Frost Roany, affectionately known as Stetson, is a beautiful bay roan gelding with all the fancy buttons. Stetson has all the collection and movement you could ask for in the arena. His jog, trot, and slow lope, are what dreams are made of! Though Stetson is amazing in the...More
“Hawkeye” is a versatile ranch gelding with classic good looks that will always get noticed and never go out of style. I have owned him for 6 years and we have been through every ranch task in every weather condition together. From brandings and weaning to leading pack horses at...More
Quirley was born and raised on the Bartlett Ranch in La Grange, Wyoming. He is sired by their Special Playgun stallion. He had a neck injury at birth, this is why the Bartlett Ranch opted not to register him with the AQHA. We have owned Quirley since he was 5...More
Ranch Horse
"Jesse" is a 2015 APHA sorrel gelding that will quickly become your go-to horse. He stands at 15.1 hands, making him the perfect size for any job. Jesse is always my first choice when deciding which horse to take branding, shipping, team roping, moving cows, on a trail ride, or...More
Switch is a big, stout, gentle 8-year-old grade gelding. He has been my go-to horse for the last couple of years.  However, I have some young horses coming up that really need riding and Switch is too good of a horse to let stand around and go to waste.  Switch...More
PowWow is an extremely cute roan paint, half draft mare. She is 5 years old and stands 14.1. We have used PowWow all over the ranch, branding calves to doctoring & weaning in the summers and the fall. She has been used extensively used on the mountain. She crosses water,...More
Gonzo is a grade 2017 Dun Gelding. He weighs 1150 lbs. and is 15hh, size 0 shoe on all four. He has been used to rope and doctor outside, drug calves to the fire at brandings, flagged cows up the alley, been used to preg check, and has been used...More
Pedro is a super cute roan gelding that is bred in the purple. He is an own son of HESA PEPTOLENA (LTE 10k) and out of an own daughter of Paddy’s Irish Whiskey. Pedro shares the brains and athleticism of his sire and dam. He is solid in the arena...More
Elmo is a 7 year old, 14.3 hand, package of dynamite. He is as super, athletic, and gentle as they come. This is a true all-in-one package, that has the jam to go all day long. He has been used all over the ranch, and will work his heart out...More
Ace is a 2017, 15 hh, 1,100 lb., sorrel gelding that we raised. He is a very versatile and pleasant horse that has been used in a variety of ways. He is an old hand at starting colts and all the ranch chores. Ace was the ‘22 Versatility champion at...More
ranch horse, sale horse, blue roan, gypsy cross
Maverick is a 5 year old gypsy X quarter horse gelding. He is 15 hands and 1100 lbs. He will cover the country and he is eager to go. Maverick neck reins and will come to a grain bucket. See more coming soon at the Pitchfork Ranch Horse Sale in...More
Six Pack is a gorgeous sorrel gelding that is built like a tank. He has good foot and bone and is made how you want one. Six Pack is very broke to ride in and out of the arena. In the arena he will lope collected circles, is soft in...More
If you want a horse who will let you get by without getting noticed, this one isn’t for you. He’s big, he’s pretty, he’s palomino, and he’s ready to go all day for you. At only 5 years old, he has the know-how and handle of a seasoned horse. He...More
Chapo is the horse we search long and hard for! I’ve owned this gelding since he was a yearling and can’t say one bad thing about him. Standing 15 hands and at the ripe age of 5 years old, this extremely nice gelding has seen it all. I’ve used him...More
Ranch horse
Red is a big very well put together draft cross gelding that is ten years old and wears a size 3 shoe all the way around. I have owned this gelding since he was 2 years old and have done everything with him from start to finish. This horse has...More
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