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Flitner Ranch DRIFTER Bay Ranch Gelding Pitchfork Horse Sale 2022
Drifter is a 2009 grade quarter horse bay gelding. He is 14.3 hands tall, weighs 1100 lbs., and wears a size 0 shoe. He is good to shoe, tie, load and is one our cowboys really enjoy! This gelding is cowy, smart and wants to please. Drifter has a big...More
Jasper is a 15 hand draft cross gelding that is broke to ride and drive! Jasper is a classy cross bred gelding that is very gentle and easy to be around. He has seen many miles of trails and has done some ranch work. He drives single or double! Jasper...More
ranch horse, front
"Crockett" is 10 years old, stands 16.3, and uniquely combines color, size, athleticism, and kindness. Crockett takes care of whoever crawls on him - even if you need a Crystalyx tub to catch your stirrup. He has made his living on long days in big country, late nights calving, later...More
"Slick" Chex Mark Double Dun is a 2014 AQHA Dun Gelding. He is a very handy size at 14.2HH and ~1000lbs and has great bone and feet. This gelding is an exceptional prospect for the rodeo arena, jackpots, the show pen or the working ranch. He has been used for...More
bay roan, pony, rodeo, kids, ranch
Hershey is ready to take your child to the next level! Wether it be ranch work, youth rodeo or trail riding- she is ready to rock and roll. Hershey loves grain and attention. Big horses cannot out walk her and she can go all day long. Her coloring and feather...More
grey gelding, aqha, ranch gelding, trail horse, ranch horse, cow horse
Duster is a tried and true ranch foreman’s horse. He’s absolutely gorgeous to look at with his beautiful dapple grey color and flawless conformation. Duster is a very well trained finished ranch horse. He is always calm and cool even in tough conditions. He is a very cowy horse that...More
Sarge is an extremely gentle 6-year-old gelding that would fit the whole family. He is a gelding that we raised that comes from a great line of good minded horses. We have ridden many half siblings to this horse, and they were all performers and have gone into many different...More
Ole Coors light or “The Silver Bullet” as the kids call him is as cool as the Rocky Mountains where he hangs his hat! He has everything that we look for in a horse. An exceptional mind, amazing athlete, character, and dirty good looks. We have had him since he...More
Slick Dualin Boon aka "Popeye" is a 2011 bay gelding standing at 15hh weighing in at 1100lbs. He is the true definition of an all around performance cowhorse AND family horse. Whether you are looking for a horse to perform in a weekend show, or to gather cattle at the...More


Sam is a 5 year old AQHA gelding that has been there done that on the ranch. Sam is easy going and a pleasure to ride. He has been up to cow camp, used to doctor cattle, sort, pack out elk, drag cows in the trailer, and has seen long...More
Walleye is a 10 year old pony gelding. He has been used for all types of ranch work. He is good to rope on and travels with big horses. Has really good feet. He is pretty gentle, but is not for a beginner as he will hump up if he...More
Chrome is a solid, well put together Cremello gelding that is willing and sure footed. We started him on the ranch- flagging colts, calving, tagging calves, pasture doctoring and branding. He is reliable and can get any job done. We have started hauling him to ranch rodeos and team roping...More
This leggy, flaxen mane sorrel gelding is 6 years old, stands 15.2, and is every bit of 1250 pounds. He is a unique horse that is extremely versatile with gentle disposition and friendly personality. He has been worked outside on the ranch and in a feedlot. He’s good to rope...More
Peach is a 2013 registered red roan mare that stands 14.3hh and is as gentle as they come! Peach is perfect for any level of rider from very first time to experienced. She has done every form of ranch work there is to do- heading and heeling calves, dragging calves...More
Mister Sunsation "Rolex" needs no introduction, but we will give him one anyway! This boy will get you noticed in or out of the arena. The only way you can make this horse better to look at is to get him in motion. He is a stunning mover, with a...More
gentle horse, trail horse, ranch horse, buckskin paint, gelding, horse for sale
My daughters named this horse for his very unique color and sweet disposition. S’mores is a 7 year old gelding that I have had for 2.5 years. This gelding is really easy to catch anywhere, with his gentle disposition, he is the type that want’s to be “with the people”....More
"Peso" is the horse that dreams are made of! If you want a horse you can count on 100% to be safe and kind then you have found your guy! Peso crosses water and rough terrain without batting an eye. He has been ridden through town and nothing gets this...More
Creek is a big, flashy, blue roan, AQHA gelding. This guy has done it all and has a quiet, cool demeanor. He is well versed in all ranch activities: tying off to doctor, sort cattle, chase horses, and has no problem crossing water and bogs. In addition to his ranch...More
Fuse is a 11 year old, Sorrel Mare, who stands 15 hh. Fuse has been a part of my family's string for the past 8 years. This talented mare has performed ALL aspects of ranch work, from Branding, pasture roping, gathering horses, covering big circles, working in stock yards &...More
Hello everyone, my name is Delon Parker and I’d like to introduce you to “Biggie Smallz”. 3 years ago my girlfriend Hannah Sharon and myself combined 2 lifetimes of horse training knowledge and formed a business together naming it Parker Equine. Our first purchase/project together was a 4 year old, skinny,...More
Ranch Horse, Trail Horse, Family Horse, All-Around Gelding, Ridden English, Ridden Western, Mountain Horse, Parade Horse, Team Sorting, Branding, Gypsy Cross
Fall is the real deal, no non-sense, handy sized and easy to look at ranch pony. He’s been there done that and worn the t-shirt. Fall is a 14.2hh 8 year old GypsyX gelding weighing 1100lb with all the mane, tail and feather you could want without it being difficult...More
Roosters Keepsake, "Wrangler," is a 4 year old AQHA beautiful blood bay. We raised this guy and he has always been super gentle and kind. He will stand to catch anywhere, even out in the pasture. He has been roped on out on the ranch, in the arena, and has...More
Ranch Horse, Trail Horse, Horse For Sale, Horse Auction
Grady is a 2015 AQHA gelding that I have owned since he was 3. This sorrel gelding stands at 15.2 hands and weighs 1,200 lbs. Grady is an all-around ranch horse and has done everything from loading cattle into a trailer, branding calves, doctoring outside, sorting and processing, to calving...More
Ranch Horse
Big Grey is a very classy 2009 grey gelding. He is a Quarter Horse, 1/8 Belgian cross who stands 15.2 hands tall. Big Grey has done it all. He has roped everything from bulls to calves, been to brandings, sorted cattle, trailed cattle, doctored cattle, and all other ranch related...More
AQHA, registered, grey gelding, ranch horse, trail horse, horse for sale, gelding for sale
Ty is a big pretty gray gelding that stands 15.1 hh and weighs 1,100 lbs. Ty is easy to handle, catch, and he stands nice for the farrier. He is smart and catches on really quick when asked to do a job. Ty has been used on all aspects of...More
ranch horse, trail horse, roping
John is the textbook definition of a ranch horse. If you're looking for a thick made, big footed, dark gelding, he's the one! He's put together like you would want one for a long day's work. He has team roped and tracked the dummy as well as the mechanical flag....More
Flitner Ranch GO TARIS HOTPAYCHECK Sorrel Ranch Gelding Pitchfork Horse Sale 2022
GO TARIS HOTPAYCHECK was born and bred on the historic Flitner Ranch in Shell Wyoming. "Cricket" is a neat little sorrel gelding and is the whole family's favorite. Cricket has a nice quiet demeanor and wishes to please. Cricket has been rode by both novice and advanced riders all over...More
Leroy is an 8yr old gray AQHA gelding that stands 14.3h and weighs 1175 lbs. For the last 3 years he has been my main mount proving himself on the ranch. He has drug many calves to the fire along with doctoring and tagging them. He has paired out, and...More
heel horse prospect, ranch horse, breakaway prospect
"Spunk" is a coming 6 year old mare that has been there done that. She has been ranched on for the past two years doing all the ranch chores: doctoring calves, roping cows and has been ridden in the big, rough country of the Big Horn Mountains. She has been...More
Eddie is a good boned solid made gelding that’s always been easy to be around. I’ve owned him the past 3 years and exposed him to a lot of different things on the ranch. I’ve doctored and gathered on him in the pasture and drug calves to the fire. Eddie...More


SPF “Spiff” is a 2017 AQHA gelding who is a true "employee of the month" every month type. He is the first to greet you at the gate and is always eager to head to work. This horse will take you through bogs, rivers, rocky terrain, down timber, deep snow,...More
Ranch horse, rope horse, kid's horse prospect, trail horse
Little Milton is the ultimate gentleman, don't let his size fool you. He is by NU Gun out of a 1/2 draft mare. He is the first to meet you at the gate everyday, he covers country with ease, is sure footed and has a smooth step. He has been...More
This is an excellent young horse that is quiet, athletic, and safe for the entire family. Jack has been used on the ranch and is very cowy. He has been used to brand, sort, and gather. He is being started on reined cow horse training and is great on a...More
Turnpike is a true gentleman. Our family loves this amazing gelding. From ranch, to team ropings in town, this gelding is top notch. Megan and Coyle have claimed him for all riding duties. Turnpike is extremely broke to ride, he has fancy turn arounds, big stops, lead changes, and he...More
Bandit is a flashy 2015 model AQHA gelding. If you're looking for one to get a job done on and look good doing it, Bandit is the horse. I raised Bandit and he has been my go to gelding for many years. I’ve used him for all aspects of ranch...More
"Mango" is a 2018 AQHA filly, ranch born and raised. Mango has traveled many miles on the ranch, gathered big pastures, shipped tons of yearlings this fall, and continues to be used for every job on the ranch. She's had a job since she was started and continues to progress...More
Thor is a smooth traveling draft cross. He has a soft eye and a willing personality. He is a big country traveler, friendly and soft mouthed. We started him on the ranch doing all the ranch chores: flagging colts, branding, tagging, calving and pasture doctoring. You can count on him...More
Flitner Ranch COAL DUST Black Draft Pony Ranch Gelding Pitchfork Horse Sale 2022
Coal Dust is a 2007 Draft Pony Cross Black Gelding. He is 13 hands tall, weighs 950 lbs and wears a size one shoe. He is good to shoe, tie and load. Coal Dust is one that gets noticed! He may be small, but nobody ever told him that. He's...More
Chief is a 10-year-old gelding that has been used for all aspects of ranch work including branding, tagging calves, doctoring cattle in big country and has been rode extensively in the feedlot to doctor and sort. He stands good to be shod, loads and ties with no problems. Chief is...More
Ranch Horse
Twister is a 2016 grade gelding who stands 15.3hh and has plenty of bone. He wears a number 2 shoe on his fronts and number 1 on his hinds. Twister has been used in all aspects of ranch work from doctoring and sorting to moving horses. He is gentle as...More
Betty is a 4 year old AQHA mare that is the perfect all around horse. Brodey Serres, who has been riding her for the last year for the ranch, describes her in a simple word as "easy." His favorite thing about her is that you can do anything on her....More
JP is a 2015 model gelding that’s been used on and around the ranch his whole life. He’s done it all from branding calves to doctoring bulls. He’s great to rope on and really runs to cattle and tracks and rates nicely. He’s been used in the feedlot and opens...More
Ralph is a talented little horse with a big personality. He is the type that meets you at the gate and wants rubbed on. Ralph is cowy and has a lot of rate on a cow and is a dream to sort on at any speed. This little horse rides...More


Pie is in 08 AQHA gelding. He has cowboyed all over Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon, Washington. You can let him sit all winter, then pull him in in the spring and throw your saddle on him and go to work. He will babysit riders from 4 years old to...More
Buck has been used in all aspects of ranching. From roping and doctoring to trailing cattle, he is a good all around ranch horse. The past two years he has been used at the Big Horn Basin Livestock Auction. He is excellent with gates, easy to catch, easy to shoe....More
Flitner Ranch GO BADGER MTN SAFARI Sorrel Ranch Gelding Pitchfork Horse Sale 2022
GO SMOOTH MTN SAFARI was born and bred on the historic Flitner Ranch in Shell Wyoming. Big Jake is a 2016 sorrel AQHA gelding, he is 16 hands tall, weighs 1,300 lbs., wears a size one shoe and has big bone to match. He is good to shoe, tie, and...More
"Les Best" is affectionately named after a true horseman who had an eye for performance quality. This 8 year old Bay Roan Gelding is built to be an athlete. He comes from a long line of solid ranch horses that can handle a long day of work and keep their...More
ranch horse, kids horse, trail horse, rope horse, parade horse, bay roan, aqha, gelding, gentle
Skyler is a beautiful solid gelding that is dang sure finished on the ranch! He is a fancy broke gelding that is the one you will want in your barn. Honest as the day is long, Skyler will watch a cow or stroll down the trail. He’s a true gentleman....More
pony, draft cross, buckskin, roping, ranch
JJ is a buckskin draft cross pony with good feet and is one of the toughest ponies you'll find. He will drag calves all day long with the big horses, and will never lose his footing trailing cows through the mountains. JJ is first to meet you with a bucket...More
Smarty, ladies horse delux!
Smarty is a cute little palomino mare. She stands 15 hands and weighs 1,000 pounds. She is wonderful to be around. She is turned out with 25 head of mares and geldings and gets along with all of theml. She is easy to catch, haul, load, and shoe. You can...More
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