2024 Horses for Sale Listing's

Thanks to the Consignors, they had some GREAT Horses in this year’s sale.

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Crowns Blue Reb – 7 year old AQHA blue roan mare 15.2HH 1135lbs This classy blue mare is the real deal!!! A true ranch horse deluxe with all the class and athletic ability to take you to the show pen, ranch rodeo, or a downtown parade. We call this beautiful...More
Ranch horse
Buck was purchased by myself as a weanling. In his early years he was used on the ranch in every aspect imaginable. In the most recent years, he has enjoyed life in more of a competition aspect. Buck is a money earner in the roping pen. He is a money...More
RipTide- Dr. Bartlett had an image of what he was trying to produce in his Best of Remuda award winning breeding program, and you are looking at it. Doc would have called dibs on this stylish gray gelding and he would have never left his string. His top side has...More
Ollie has been my go-to for several years now. He has seen the sights in town and has done every ranch chore imaginable. I have hauled Ollie to countless ranch rodeos and team ropings throughout the years and he is a joy to ride no matter where you take him....More
BOONYS FANCYPLAYGIRL, or like everyone on the ranch knows her as Little. This is a five year old mare that is truly one of those horses that has been there done that kind of horse. She has seen everything from the branding corral, sorting pen, doctoring cattle outside in big...More
Alice is an all-around ranch horse deluxe! She is no stranger to the rugged mountains of Northwest Wyoming and is the all day kind of traveler. Alice has been used in every aspect of ranch work including: branding in both small and large pens, gathering large mountain pastures, weaning, doctoring...More
Peach has been started slow and correct by myself and continues to prove herself as a ranch horse and performance prospect. She has done all the ranch chores, drug calves, doctored yearlings, and shipped grass cattle. Peach has been hauled to ranch rodeos and ropings on the heeling side. She...More
Nice, big, kind roan gelding, ranch raised and broke. Tommy has done all the ranch duties and been on the rocky mountain trails, as well as the feedlot. He is very quiet, gentle, and easy to get along with. Been pasture roped on, snubbed colts, and leisurely ridden in big...More
Joe saddled
Joe is 9 year gray gelding that stands about 15.1 hands. We have owned since he was 2 years old. Joe is big boned with solid feet and extremely gentle. He has been ranched on- calving heifers, branding pen work, moving cattle, etc. He is broke to a pack saddle...More
Jameson is the real deal. He is a big, flashy looking, using gelding. He is 7 years old and stands 15.3 hands. As a using horse, you will love his big motor, athletic gait, and willingness to work all day long. As a pleasure horse, you will enjoy his softness...More
The perfect blend of CUTE and TOUGH. “Frog” is a home-raised, 14.2 hh mare. This horse has done absolutely everything on the ranch, including head and heel branding, dragging calves to the fire, sorting from a rodear, working the alley, and calving heifers through the barn. She is pastured and...More
Porter has been a pleasure to have around the ranch. Always dependable and happy to help. He is strong enough and level headed enough to do any job. Porter has been a favorite for everyone including the kids. This guy is ready to go and do big things in or...More
Starling is 14.3 hands tall weighing 1200 lbs. Very stout and quick footed little jet black mare. She has done everything you can do on the ranch and in the feedlot. From doctoring yearlings by yourself to calving and branding. Has drug the calf sled to the ends of the...More
Tiny is a ranch horse deluxe! Being a seasoned ranch horse, he is no stranger to hard work such as trailing cattle, sorting, dragging calves to the fire, doctoring/tagging, loading cattle and halter-breaking colts. He has a working walk that can get you anywhere you need to go! This handsome...More
Norman has been one of our go-to horses for the past 2 years. He has been used for every aspect of ranch work and has always been honest, safe, and reliable. Norman is really cowy and a lot of fun to sort on. He has been used to doctor cattle...More
Vinny, this gentle gelding is one of my go to horses no matter the job. He is good to shoe, easy to catch. He is extremely cowy, runs very hard to cattle, has a huge stop. He is good to team rope on, both ends. He really hunts the corner...More
Elvira isn’t your average been there done that mare, in fact… she’s a bit of a movie star. In the last year, this even keeled mare was ridden by host, Janie Johnson, to film an episode for the cowboy channel and was one of the stars during Sheplers 2023 winter...More
Ollie is a big, gentle all-around, four-year-old AQHA gelding. He is one of our home raised colts and is an easy one for us to stand by. We have ridden and sold 10 half-siblings to this horse, and they have been great fits for all the families that have purchased...More
With a name like “Stefan” how could this stunning 4 yr old gelding not have a once and a lifetime personality. Standing 14.2 he’s big enough for any job but plenty easy to get on. This guy literally will rush to come meet you at the gate. He’s a family...More
Dynamite comes in small packages! With experience beyond his years, “Alfie”’ has done all aspects of ranch work, pack trips, and even parades. He is good to catch, shoe, and is gentle enough for the whole family to ride. He is very broke, cowy and has been roped on extensively,...More
King - Saddled Ranch Horse
Meet Ima King Quincy “King.” This big guy is a 15 year old bay roan quarter horse gelding that stands 16.1 hh and weighs 1400 pounds. King has not been ridden hard in his life and has a lot of miles left to go. He is gentle, has no buck,...More
NightCap-This beautiful black gelding is strong and steady, he commands respect wherever he goes. He may look intimidating but he is a genuine and kind hearted soul. Born and bred on the Bartlett Ranch of Alabama, he spent his yearling summer grazing at the Texas operation before making his way...More
Rita is technically a pony but we see her as a little horse because she has no idea she is only 13.3 hands. No matter what you’re doing, she tries hard and doesn’t quit. She is gentle and good natured, my wife loves to ride her just as much as...More
Keystone is a 2019 model gelding. Standing 15.1 and weighing 1100 pounds. Keystone has spent a vast amount of time doctoring cattle outside, working in the pens, dragging calves, gathering big country and pulling bulls. He is very easy to get along with and loves any job you give him....More
Polly would be a great asset to anyone’s string! She’s extremely user friendly and great to get along with, no bad habits or dangerous quirks. She has done all facets of ranch work and has been started in the heeling. Safe, sound, and sane. Polly is one for the whole...More
Pistachios is a 1/4 Shire and in being such, is very simply stated- a work horse. No matter the job, surroundings or weather conditions, he is always steady. I have owned him since he was a 2-year-old and from his first rides, we went to work in blizzards, rain storms,...More
"Smarty" is a nice, talented young gelding who is ready to go in any direction you want him to go. He has been ranched on a lot, drug calves, and roped cattle in the pasture. He will really watch a cow and has the athleticism and stop to make a...More
Tink is a phenomenal little mare. She stands 14.2 hands and is 5 years old. This little rascal puts most big horses to shame; she’ll get out and cover country, she will pull like a truck, and she will shut down and be the best little family/pleasure horse you could...More
When TJ asked if I had a horse to consign to the sale he said he only wanted my best one. Well, here he is Eskimo Joe. Joe is a 6 year old half Gypsy gelding. I’ve owned him for the last 4 years and in those 4 years he’s...More
On behalf of Parker Equine, Hannah and I are so proud to offer this handsome sweet boy, we call Cadillac! This adorable gelding will steal your heart with his big personality, gentle disposition, fabulous talent, and did I mention he’s a sorrel? Yep that's right! The color you can trust....More
Rocky has been one of my go to horses for the last couple of years. He is a nice sized, Percheron/quarter horse gelding. With good bone and good feet. This horse is always gentle and easy to get along with. He’s had all classes of riders and will take care...More
Bay Draft Ranch Gelding
Meet Hoss, the young ranch colt of your dreams. Hoss is a 2021 bay draft cross gelding, standing at 15.2 hands and growing! From his draft horse mare, he inherited a sound mind, calm demeanor and stout build. From his quarter horse stud, he inherited athleticism, agility and the smoothest...More
KL MR BLUE MOON, affectionately known as Hoot, is a handsome, kind, and well-rounded black gelding that is as broke as he is handsome. Hoot is 14.3 hands and weighs 1100lbs. He’s been used to drag calves, gather pastures, and work as the pen back horse at the sale barn....More
JD is a 6 year old grade gelding that’s been used on the ranch for every aspect of work. He’s been to head and heel brandings, sorted cattle, drug calves, doctored all classes of cattle in the feedlot and outside. JD has also been used in the mountains as a...More
MC comes from a 60+ year proven breeding program. We purchased her Dam in foal and raised MC, she has been kind and gentle from day one. MC has seen big circles on the desert, she has roped and doctored cattle outside, headed & heeled calves in the branding pen,...More
ranch horse
Jasper is a 7 year old gentle bay gelding. He has been used in all aspects of ranch work and does well at all of them. I have doctored a lot of cattle outside and roped and loaded cattle in the trailer on him. He tracks and rates well and...More
Ranch horse
Slim was purchased by myself as a weanling, just like the rest of our horses. He has been used extensively on the ranch. Slim is extremely cowy, has lots of run, is strong from the horn, and has never been asked to do a task that he was not able...More
SinBin-This is what 60 years of dedication to breeding American Quarter horses looks like. Dr. HB “Woody” Bartlett had a vision to cross his cutters on his big ranch bloodlines and the outcome is pure perfection. A level headed, fancy athlete with a natural born sense to watch a cow...yet...More
SUMMERONTHERIO Kyl and Sarah Sperry
SUMMERONTHERIO aka “Carmen” is a 7-year-old, sorrel, AQHA mare by 2005 NCHA Open World Champion BOBS HICKORY RIO (LTE 148,210 and PTE +747k) and out of a granddaughter of Remminic. She weighs 1150 lbs, 14.3 hands tall, and wears a 0 size shoe. Carmen has been used on the ranch...More
Cheeto, ranch horse, trail horse
“Cheeto” is a fancy 5-year-old ½ draft gelding that will catch eyes no matter where you go. He has been used extensively for all of the ranch chores. This gelding has been our number one mount for the last year. He has had plenty of wet saddle blankets and has...More
Bodie is a 13 year old Buckskin, gelding who is the biggest gentlemen! This is your been there, done that, seen it all gelding. Bodie is eager to please and hard to scare, the perfect combination! He has been the top hand on our ranch for the last three years...More
Big Bird is a 2020 model mare by a son of Paddys Irish Whiskey, out of a daughter of Peppy San Kai. She stands 15.1 hands tall. Big Bird has been started slow and correct by myself and continues to prove herself as a ranch horse and performance prospect. She...More
Jet is just a fun horse! He is handy broke and knows what a day's work is. We have used Jet on the ranch, in the feedlot, and in the mountains both riding and packing. Whatever the job, he knows how to do it. Excellent on the trail and proficient...More
Phyliss is a big, flashy mare that moves like a Cadillac. I bought her as an unstarted 2 year old and put about 60 rides on her. She’s had a lot of outside miles throughout her whole life. As a 3yo I started ranching on her more consistently. She also...More
Bob Ross- Main photo
Take a look at Bob Ross! Bob Ross is a flashy, 6 year old APHA gelding with a multitude of talents. Bob Ross is an outstanding ranch horse, trail horse, and switch end rope horse. Above all, Bob Ross is gentle and kind. We have enjoyed having Bob Ross from...More
Dolly 3
HYPNAUTIC CONCOCTION, better known as Dolly around the ranch is truly a one horse wonder. This mare is as easy going as they come but is loaded with talent! She is a money earner in the reining and darn sure a money earner on this ranch! For the last three...More
Crash is a 4 year old AQHA gelding. 15 hands, 1275lbs. We raised this colt and he has been super friendly from day he was born. He has a willingness to please attitude, which makes him a joy to ride no matter what you’re doing. Crash has been used for...More
Johnny Red has been with us a long time. It’s certainly hard to let the good ones go. We love this horse and bet you will too. He’s very cowy and a blast to rope on. Johnny Red is sure footed in the roughest country and a top horse in...More
How about a big horse that can move like a little horse? Amos is a header or pickup man’s DREAM. 15.3 and 1400 lbs, tons of bone and foot, Amos is built to last but he’s extremely athletic and can absolutely get around like a little horse. This gorgeous sorrel...More
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